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Support for adults over 20yrs w/ ED of any kind...ANA, MIA, EDNOS, COE
Welcome to all on this site!
I'd had some problems relating to the girls on some of the ana websites..too many wannas, too much "high school gossip!"
It's a totally different experience to be suffering from any ED when you are an adult because you have an adult life to maintain as well as ED.
Please, feel free to cry, rant, laugh, share, smile, post, binge, starve, purge here!
You will be safe here!
***************I'm a 26yr old female suffering from EDNOS. I've struggled for almost my whole life with this stupid disease. Though it's "wrong" sometimes I love it as an old dear friend...sometimes I wish it would go away and never come back.
I feel out of control most of the time and have absolutely nothing to relate to others when it comes to eating; my eating habits are sooooo disordered it's disgusting.
I'm here for support and to foster a community dedicated to supporting ED in adults over 20.